As the use of ICT tools, especially (smart)phones, is becoming inevitable, there are many Rwandans who are left out due to inadequate human computer interface (HCI) design considerations.

Most of the Rwandans can only read and write in their mother-tongue, Kinyarwanda, making it impossible for them to use ICT conventional tools that are built in other languages, English and French used in Rwanda.

Furthermore we are seeing considerable progress of conversational interfaces which introduce an opportunity to interact with a machine using natural language. The success of messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger which have integrated chatbots features present an opportunity to create more comfortable ways for humans to interact with computer applications.

The purpose of this initiative is to design and train a set of natural language processing tools that will be used by application developers to build services that will take Kinyarwanda language speakers aboard the current information and communication technologies therefore fast-tracking the benefits of ICT.